Dekko is changing the way we interact with content by bringing digital experiences to life. We believe our advanced technology will provide the breakthrough needed to naturally place digital content into the real world. Our small team are world-experts in their fields, from technology to business leadership and product design. Dekko is based in SoMa, San Francisco and is well funded by leading investors.

Real World 3D Game & App Creation

Full Time  - San Francisco, CA

We're about to start building out a team to create the next generation of real-world games and apps. We will be posting specific job postings soon, but we are going to be hiring top talent to build amazing 3D real-world apps. We want people who know 3D game production, 3D game development, 3D animators & modellers, 3D graphics (gaming or CGI) and original Game Design. Please do not cold-email us with your CV. We are solving problems and designing experiences that have never been done before. Show us that you have some original thought for these types of problems and show us some brilliant ideas. We want people who have the skills and experience to implement these ideas in a very small team. You will be pioneering and taking your knowledge and pushing it into new domains. This isn't a role where someone is going to help you learn the basics, or where you'll be refining mature techniques, we expect you to already be world-class and we will open the door to a new universe and guide you inside.

Computer Vision Engineer

Full Time  - San Francisco, CA

We are very interested in anyone with great Computer Vision Engineering skills. Either from a research background or a hands-on engineering role. There are a bunch of specific CV fields we are interested in, such as optical tracking, 3D scene reconstruction, structure from motion, sensor fusion, augmented reality and feature detection so if you have these skills, and are curious about working in an exciting early-stage startup & working with top engineers to solve interesting technical problems, please get in touch. If you also have an interest in game and experience design, that's a plus.


Along with most of the perks that Bay Area engineers expect, we can offer something that most startups can't. Opportunities to work on researching, inventing & applying the most current theoretical & practical techniques to change the way people experience mobile content.

We are working with some of the worlds most well-known brands and technology companies and you can expect your work to have impact beyond that of most startups.

We think we are working on something super important that will impact the way everyone will interact with information in the post-pc world. If you’re interested, e-mail us at