Dekko is a team of some of the worlds best Augmented Reality(AR) experts, who have joined together around a core belief that advanced technology should support the user experience, and not be an end in itself. We have seen too many Science Projects and Novelty Gimmicks, and we want to build products that people love to use.

Matt Miesnieks, CEO

Matt’s passion is finding product/market fit for emerging technologies, and has spent the last 15 years doing that in the Asia Pacific and European markets as a regional VP and GM. Most recently Matt led worldwide customer development for the first generation Augmented Reality startup Layar in Amsterdam, resulting in Layar being installed on most early smartphones. Before that Matt led commercial and product teams for Sylantro, Openwave, Ascend Communications and founded an ISP in the 90’s. Matt has a degree in Computer Science from Wollongong University.

Silka Miesnieks, Product Designer

Silka provides experienced design leadership and is the voice of our users. She has been exploring the intersection of emerging technology and user behavior achieving business objectives for two decades. She has led creative and user experience teams working on award winning commercial online services spanning the media, telecommunications, travel and entertainment industries among others. She learns something new every day from Dekko’s inspiring team.

Pierre Fite-Georgel, Principal Engineer

Pierre is another world recognized technical expert in AR and our Computer Vision go-to guy. Prior to Dekko, Pierre worked as a Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of North Carolina, where he developed an advanced Computer Vision system for 3D reconstruction using millions images. He obtained his PhD from TU München in Germany for his work on industrial AR. He received the Areva Gmbh innovation prize for his AR-based discrepancy check system and is a recognized speaker at AR events worldwide.

Anselm Hook, Principal Engineer

Anselm has over 20 years of technical leadership experience and is most interested in helping people "see through walls". Most recently he worked as an Augmented Reality researcher at Xerox Parc, and has built products for Electronic Arts, Math Engine and Ning, and is now leading our efforts to create a fantastic experience for 3rd party developers on Dekko's platform.

John Sietsma, Senior Engineer

John leads Dekko’s AR game design & development research as well as getting his hands dirty solving hands-on user experience problems. John received his Master’s in Artificial Intelligence from RMIT University and developed the world's first mobile AR game on Layar's platform. He has previously led development teams for AAA game titles with companies such as Big Ant Studios, and is an active member of Melbourne's indy game scene.

Anthony Maes, AR Engineer

Anthony has been building Augmented Reality experiences and analytics for companies such as Layar, HPSC and Mobilistar since graduating from University. At Dekko he is our expert in everything. He holds a MSc in Computer Science from INSA Rennes, one of France’s top engineering schools. He studied in exchange at the University of Hong Kong, and worked as intern in Shanghai, Dublin, Oxford and Beijing.

Caroline Mizumoto, Digital Marketing pathfinder

Caroline is leading our Digital Marketing strategy. She was one of the first employees at Twitter and was responsible for creating the "verified account" and personally bringing Oprah, the Whitehouse, Shaq O'Neill and all the early celebrities onto Twitter's platform, creating the foundation for mainstream adoption.

Huck Gee, Artist

Huck Gee is one of the world's most loved art toy creators, selling his work globally through kidrobot. His work is in the collection of The New York MoMA. Huck immediately recognized the potential to connect physical and digital characters through Dekko's technology, and has created the first characters that we are bringing to life.