DekkoScan: Import real world items into Minecraft


Why spend months recreating a real world object in Minecraft when you can just scan it with your mobile device? That’s the idea behind our new app, DekkoScan out now for iOS. Using the same 3D technology that powers our Tabletop Speed game, DekkoScan turns everyday objects into digital blocks that can be imported directly into Minecraft.

The app is launching at a special price of $1.99 as we listen to the feedback of our early users and make improvements. …

Flip Flop Dance Jam, non-stop crazy for iOS


Our friends at Wiggle Planet have released a bizarre new app called Flip Flop Dance Jam. FFDJ features crazy little creatures called Wiglets, that jump, dance, and interact with each other. “A Wiglet is like a self animated Muppet” says Jeffrey Ventrella about the app’s jumpy main characters. Flip Flop Dance Jam is free for iOS and currently features four songs and one white background, but more features are on their way.

One such feature may include using Dekko’s AR platform …

Upcoming events: CVPR, 3DV and Google Glass Meet-up


There are a couple great upcoming events that you’ll be able to find us at over the next few weeks.

CVPR 2013: The Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
June 25-27, 2013 Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

3DV 2013: International Conference on 3D Vision
June 29-June 30, 2013 University of Washington, Seattle.

Developing for Google Glass
June 25, 2013 Yelp HQ 706 Mission Street , San Francisco, CA

If you are planning on attending any of these events, please feel free …

If Tabletop Speed had a BMX bike...


At first we thought it’d be fun to joke about Danny MacAskill’s new video being a trailer for a sequel to our Tabletop Speed game, but the more we watch it, the more believable something like this could be in our future. Dekko’s goal is to turn your real world environment into an interactive 3D playground. As technology keeps advancing, it’s easy to imagine that someday soon we’ll see kids running highly …

Wall Street Journal's #DadsInTech


Happy Fathers Day! Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran a series of great guest posts from various dads in tech. The guest “mentors” included, Jack & Tim Dorsey, Tarun Wadhwa, and our own Matt Meisneks, who said “

Rather than holding me back, the birth of my first son brought about a grounding emotion for me. If I wanted to be able to look my son in the eye and tell him to follow his dreams, I needed …

TechCrunch, GigaOm, Scoble and More!



TableTop Speed hit the app store on Saturday and the reviews keep rolling in! It’s great to see how many journalists not only get the potential of augmented reality and gaming, but also how Dekko’s technology could be applied to many more real world aspects. Here are some of our favorites:

TechCrunch has some great things to say, along with some wisdom from Matt.

Robert Scoble’s this hands on review of TableTop Speed has certainly been getting …

TableTop Speed, out now for iOS!


Tabletop Speed, our brand new augmented reality racing game, is now available for iOS devices… and it’s free! Setup your tabletop as your racetrack then compete to win. Play in real-time with your friends and see your cars race & crash into each other. Dekko has created an entirely new type of gameplay, for the first time combining the 3D real world and 3D interactive gaming. This is the future of gaming, available today for iPad 2 or newer or …

The Real World as the OS

Matt Miesnieks CEO and story teller

Dekko Secures $3.2 Million in Funding, Launches Visually Dynamic Real-World Operating System for Wearable Computing Generation

May 09, 2013- SAN FRANCISCO- Today, Dekko is announcing the launch of its real-world operating system that will serve as the visual layer for wearable computing devices. Additionally, Dekko is announcing that it’s closed $3.2 million funding round to help launch its OS.

Dekko’s real-world OS will give developers a platform to build apps that merge mobile technology with the real world in unprecedented ways. Using …

Imaginary friends

Matt Miesnieks CEO and story teller

We all had imaginary friends as kids, whether action figures, dolls, or super-heroes. These were the toys that we built our games around & who helped us understand the world. We grew up a little and our imaginary friends moved into the Saturday morning cartoons or the cinema. Then we got a bit older still and they also became video game characters. They never left us. They just became trapped inside the computer. We think they should come back outside …